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RTB Blog: The pre-run internal battle!

So if I love running so much, why do I still find it difficult to put on my shoes and get out the front door? That's just not logical, is it?

I'm at work all day, telling people I'm running tonight and how I can't wait to go. Often I want to laugh out loud at the internal mental battle that I know is going to happen on the way home... I'm too tired to run. No you're not, it'll make you feel better... I just want to chill out on the sofa. No you don't. You'll feel amazing after you've run and will feel even better sitting on said settee!

I get home and my husband looks at me expectantly, without words, and I'm irritated as I know he's sending me the 'you need to go and run' message silently. I almost stomp upstairs to get changed and make loud noises that I don't want to go... The children ignore me as they are obviously used to this regular display of teenage-like petulance by now.

Headphones on, water bottle in hand, Runkeeper set to go and I'm off. And do you know, the first mile or so lives up to my pre-run dread? It feels hard... but unlike when I first started running nearly three years ago, I now know that this is just how it goes. And sure enough, it does get better. The music in my ears spurs me on and my breathing and rhythm get better. I always try and plan my routes so that the second half of the run is easier and so that I feel like I'm running down the hill to home. And it works!

I arrive at the end of my drive and recover my breath sitting on the wall, admiring my automated post of achievement from Runkeeper onto Facebook. I walk in the front door and my husband says: 'How was it?' At which point, I look at him in disbelief and say: 'Well, how do you think it was? It was great of course!' I tut roll my eyes and go off to chat to my children and stretch out. I feel great and everything that's wrong with the world in that minute is bearable. There is no feeling like it for me; it makes me feel strong, and more than anything, it makes me feel free.

So with all that said, the next time I'm due to run, it'll be easy to get myself out there, right? I mean, why wouldn't it be.......

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