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Run To Be News: December Running Log. Merry Xmas!

Welcome to December! The time of year when we all need a bit more support. I've been thinking that I might go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow a lethargic mince pie-eating slob who veges out on the sofa for a month! Which is all well and good except a few days in, I'll have fallen into a pit of self loathing and will feel unable to pull myself back from the brink. I feel I need some support and that's where all of you come in.

I kind of figured that as I've invested all this time setting up the Run To Be online community and spend most waking moments thinking about it that I should take full advantage of the support, inspiration and possible nagging that I might need from all of you. So I devised a Running Log for December for us all to print off and fill in to keep ourselves on track.

I pledge to post a photo of mine on here and also in the Run To Be Discussion Group to make my commitment public to all of you. I'll keep updating through December and hopefully be able to spur you all on with my efforts, as well as get nagged when I resort to a sweet sherry instead of a lovely long run (because you just know that's going to happen at some point!)

I'm asking all of you to join me and make your commitment to running in December with me and that way even if we live a long way apart, we can all run together on here and in spirit.

I'm looking forward to December and running with you all!

(Click here to download the December Running Log)

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