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RTB Blog: To half marathon or not to half marathon? That is the question...

I've been wondering if I'm actually a bit of a fraud? Shouldn't I be out there running marathons inspiring people? I feel a bit clapped out at the moment to be honest and can feel every day of my 45 years! I'm finding it hard to get the time to just go out and run and feel I've lost my mojo a bit as a result.

December will help me in a strange way, I reckon, and I'm more determined than ever to do this running streak for 7 days during the Christmas week. I was actually daydreaming today about my Christmas morning run and I could almost taste how it is going to feel! But truthfully I need to spend less time dreaming about running and more time just doing it!

The other annoyance at the moment is that my foot is STILL injured and I've actually just stopped telling people now because it feels so boring to be talking about it! It is an issue though and has been playing on my mind. It is holding me back... or I am holding myself back? I have been thinking about committing to a half marathon in the Spring and just don't know if my foot is up to it or not. Do I risk it and ramp up my training or just stick to 10k races in the coming months? Not a debate I ever imagined I would be having with myself to be honest!

The ups and downs of a runner... or a woman who loves to run... I can see people glazing over once I start... but like most runners, I just can't help myself. Running is so highly addictive and it absorbs you completely at times. Listen to me I sound like some kind of athlete...

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