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RTB Blog: A springtime half marathon it is, then...

I'm going to hit the button and sign up for a half marathon in the Spring! There - I've said it so that makes it real. I have only ever run one half marathon before and I really want to learn from that experience. When I look back, I don't think I was properly fit and that made it harder than it needed to be. I have been procrastinating for ages about entering another one and think that's largely due to the overwhelming experience of the last one.

This time around I won't be with my lovely running partner Karen as she's decided it's not her distance so that feels quite scary too.

I think, if I'm honest, that I have sunk into a bit of a comfortable rut in the last few months and I need to push myself. The whole race thing is a funny one for me. I spend ages deciding whether to do one, then book it, then talk about it for months and tell people how I can't wait to do it, and then on the day stand on the start line wondering what on earth possessed me. It's that familiar rollercoaster of emotions that goes hand-in-hand with my running journey lurching from dread to elation with a total naivety that somehow this is going to change... and of course it never does!

I want to be properly fit. I want to lose weight, be lean, faster. Okay - all that would be great but actually I just want to get round without feeling like I'm going to die and if I can take a minute or two off my time then even better. I keep wondering if I do another one, will it make me a proper runner. Will I be able to tell people I'm a runner instead of saying I like to run?

I'm scared, excited and motivated all at the same time... The only thing I know for sure is that the Run To Be online community will support and encourage me round that course... I'll keep you posted, so watch this space!

Lindsey x

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