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The Run To Be Community’s top 10 things every new runner should know…….

It’s the time of year when lots of people are thinking of taking up running, so here at Run To Be we thought we’d ask some of our Community of runners their top tips for anyone taking up running and here they are. We hope you’ll find them useful and that they also make you laugh!


  1. Stay hydrated and make sure you have a water bottle you can comfortably run with.

  2. A decent sports bra is a must!

  3. Wear thin layers and not one thick top as that way you can take them off to stop you getting too hot.

  4. Get gait analysis done in a running shop and invest in a decent pair of running shoes, they’ll pay you back over every mile you run.

  5. Buy H&M running gear to start off with but look at Sweaty Betty as a reward for later!

  6. Dress appropriately for the weather you’re running in. It sounds simple but we’ve all got it wrong at some point.

  7. Don’t talk yourself out of a run, just go out and run and switch off the pre run conversation in your head.

  8. Don’t eat just before you run, leave it a good couple of hours after eating a meal. Also prepare your post run meal before you leave . Good nutrition after helps your body repair itself and stops you eating those naughty quick fixes.

  9. Eat a banana an hour before to help you on those longer runs.

  10. Wear black pants under your running tights!

And our favourite one to leave you with contributed by Darren our lovely Run To Be Chingford runner after a particularly hard run in the cold over Christmas…..’Avoid periods of fatigue by stopping off at all coffee shops!”

We hope you have a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to running with you in 2015!

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