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The Run To Be how to keep running guide

We've all done it right? Gone out on a run full of the joys and then a few miles in feel like our legs are made of lead and that we want to walk. The trouble is once that starts how do you turn off the voice in your head telling you that you can't do it?

We thought it would be useful to put together a checklist to go through in your mind to help you decide if you really do need to walk!

1. Visualise your body and focus on whether you are actually in pain as you are running. If you are, then yes you should stop as otherwise you may become injured. If you are not in physical pain then it's best to move straight on to number 2.

2. Am I starting to feel dehydrated? When did I last have a drink? If the answer is more than 10 minutes ago then take some sips of water. If you feel dizzy though you should stop and walk and then reassess how you feel after having a drink.

3. How fast have you been running? Check your pace and then if necessary slow down a bit so that your body can recover. Running too fast is a common mistake for many runners particularly those new to running and the very simple remedy to help you complete the distance is just to slow down a little bit when you need to.

4. Am I on a hill? This sounds ridiculous right?! But how many of you have felt like you need to walk and then realised it is because you are running up a hill and therefore it naturally feels harder. Take shorter steps, stay upright, focus on your breathing....and the top of the hill!

5. Is the music on my MP3 player motivating me? If not change the song to one that does and you might be amazed by how much it helps!

6. Remember why you run. This is personal to every runner and something we believe in passionately at Run To Be. Ask yourself what do I Run To Be? It's always good to remind ourselves why we put our running shoes on each week and get out there.

7. Focus on milestones on your route and count them off in your mind as you pass each one. Look around you and take in your surroundings as you run, appreciate how lucky you are to be out there.

8. If it starts raining............ enjoy getting wet and experience the exhilaration only running in the rain can give you. Many runners secretly pray it will start raining in the middle of their run so don't see this as a reason to stop!

9. How much further have you got to go? If it's less than a mile keep going! Visualise yourself finishing your run and then remember how good that feels!

10. Finally if you really don't think you'll make it, then cut your route short. Sometimes it's better just to accept it's not your day and move on. As the saying goes ‘never outrun your joy of running!'

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