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RTB Running Coach - Sue Smith

It was December 2016 and all was not well. I was unfit, unmotivated, overweight and generally just felt bleugh...

After yet another evening spent glued to the sofa (industrial sized chocolate bar in hand) I decided I had to "do something" so, the next morning, I did something, I ran. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, this is clear to me now, as I tried to run up Chingford Lane! To say I nearly expired wouldn't be far from the truth!

Fast forward four months; I was running regularly, the weight was coming off and I was feeling more confident. However, I was longing for company and guidance. Then I found out about a local running group...Run to be!

In April 2017 I put my big girl pants on and attended my first session with Lindsey and the team. I was so nervous turning up on my own, but everyone was so welcoming I soon felt right at home.

After completing the 5-10k course and 10k race prep course, where I learned so much, technique, advice and support, I was ready for my first race.

My first 10k race was at the Olympic Park in July 2017. I will never forget how emotional I felt going over the finish line with my family cheering me on. My first running medal, I do love a bit of bling!

By September 2017 I was back with Run to be, this time as a mentor. I absolutely loved being part of the team and supporting other runners, although my internal Sat Nav was a little off sometimes!!

On the 8th October 2017 I ran my first Half Marathon. I never imagined I was capable of running this far but with the support of my amazing running buddies I achieved my goal.

In November 2017 I gained my coaching license and I coached my first session in January 2018. I am immensely proud to be a Coach for Run to be.

Running for me is my release, where I can find peace. My mental health is so much better for running. I am always calmer and happier once I've run, just ask my husband!

I know the friendships that I have made from the Run to be will be lifelong and for this I will be forever grateful.

So, if you think you can't run, think again!

Happy running everyone!!!

Sue xx

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