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Happy New Year!

2019 was a huge year for RTB with us welcoming more runners than ever before. We continue to run with our largest retained group of runners and our advanced courses sold out time and time again. Sometimes I feel strangely detached from it all when I see photos and posts from so many different runners, it is so hard to believe that this has all grown from an idea I had in my car one day. I am absolutely passionate that we never lose sight of our purpose and that is to make running inclusive for everyone, removing irrelevant barriers that seem so common in our sport.

In 2019 we welcomed our first baby to the RTB team with our very own Laura having a beautiful baby girl. We also said a sad goodbye to the wonderful Julie Strelley Jones whose funeral we went to in January wearing our RTB kits in tribute to the brilliant runner and mentor she was.

2020 I am sure is going to be a year of growth for RTB and with that inevitably changes will come, but I am more focused than ever on retaining our ethos and spirit to ensure that we remain true to the cause always. Behind the scenes we said goodbye to Danella who has been my right hand for the last couple of years and helped me through some difficult times; thank you! I am however extremely lucky to

have Sarah so ably taking up the reins.

Finally I would like to thank the amazing RTB team of coaches and mentors who have provided such outstanding support to our runners this year, what a team!

Happy New Year to you all and let's keep running in 2020! xx

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