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Coronavirus Update for all runners

Dear runners,

I am writing to you to make some assurances to you about the approach of Run To Be amid the current Coronavirus Pandemic. First of all, we have asked our team not to attend sessions if they have come into contact with anyone with Coronavirus or if they themselves are feeling unwell with either a temperature or continuous cough. Secondly, we ask you the runners to adopt the same approach.

Now for the good news.... this extract is taken from an article we published by Runners World this week:

'Should you avoid running in groups?

Your exposure to sick people in that situation should be minimal, as someone who has a fever and a cough won’t feel like going for a run, Labus says. When in a group, you could protect yourself a bit by spreading out and avoiding unnecessary hand-touching. And of course, don’t forget to wash your hands when you get back.'

The rest of the article can be read here I hope this serves to reassure you that pretty much the safest exercise to undertake at the moment is outdoor running!

In groups we will be refraining from too much person to person contact and will of course be encouraging you all to wash your hands both before, and after the session when you get home.

If you have any concerns please do get in touch with us at and in the meantime please remember that exercise outdoors is likely to strengthen your immune system not weaken it, and with this in mind it will very much be business as usual in all our groups.

Take care and keep on running!

Lindsey & The RTB Team

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