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5km Charity Event

At the beginning of this month RTB hosted a virtual charity event, where all who signed up had to run 5km and donate £5.00. All proceeds went to two charities which are close to our hearts.

Haven House children's hospice, this is a local hospice to our area of Woodford who do an amazing job of helping many families with terminally ill children.

The next charity was AMMF (Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer) we chose this charity as one of our team members has a family member currently needing treatment and felt that a small charity like this needed a little bit of love.

We were overwhelmed with the number of runners who signed up, over 90! We had so many post their runs onto our Facebook discussion group and it was great to see so many new and old runners out and about for charity.

Stay tuned for another charity event to be posted very soon, at present we have a virtual 50km challenge for the month of June. If you've not signed up yet, then get booking your place.

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