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Asics London 10k Run

Sunday 10th July 2022, the first summer Asics 10k run in two years and London you did not disappoint!

The weather was hot hot hot and so was the atmosphere, over 10,000 runners laced up to run 10k and RTB had a team there taking part. It was terrific running through the closed roads of London with a fabulous team and seeing all the spectators was incredible they were all cheering on our runners and the live entertainment was excellent.

For some of our runners, it was their first organised 10k and the excitement started when we all met at Woodford tube, all our runners showed up wearing their bespoke RTB vests and it was great to see all their smiling faces. The chat on the tube was about how hot it was and how nervous some of them were, but once we got to the start pen all nerves disappeared. We even got a shout-out from the organisers (our yellow tops were easy to spot).

Off we went and split into our pace groups, it was great to see our runners as we passed each other on the route, the support and words of encouragement helped each of us carry on. The weather was hot so plenty of water was needed and it was great that the organisers had plenty of water stations and water mist spots it was very refreshing and cooling on our hot and red faces.

Seeing the London sights while running in the sun was marvellous; the crowd's atmosphere carried us all through especially on the final 1km.

When we reached the finish line and received our medal, it was all worth it. The training our runners had put in had helped, even though it was a flat route in the heat it was more difficult, but they pushed on through and all completed it without stopping - well only for a selfie!

A well-deserved cold drink was needed afterwards and after a few more photo opportunities it was time to travel home.

What's the next big race for the RTB family, who knows but if you need help with your training then RTB are the team to help.


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