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Let's have a catch up!

Since January the RTB team have been busy helping new runners reach their goal of 5k in six weeks. It has been a joy and privilege to run and support you all. The joy on your faces once you have completed the 5k run is all the team need to see.

We have had some wonderful courses recently and met new runners which are lovely but to see returning runners is always a pleasure. Our team know it’s the social aspect that many of our runners enjoy, we all love a solo run but running as a group and chatting about life is wonderful. You can let go of the day and just enjoy the moment of being out and about.

For many of our runners being able to lace up and go is now a privilege as life has slowly gone back to normal and finding the time to get out and run is now seen as a treat. Two years ago we were in the middle of a lockdown and could only run on our own, and that was for one hour a day. Now we are all back to doing what we were before the pandemic.

The RTB family have been very lucky with our virtual challenges still happening, every three months a new challenge is posted. It’s great to see so many new runners joining the challenges and pushing themselves further in the distance every three months. We always say what will you choose this month, as it's up to you to pick the distance. The bling at the end of the challenge is worth all the running as it is always a medal that everyone wants.

There will be lots more happening at the RTB headquarters over the coming months, so watch this space!


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