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London 10 Peaks Challenge

Lindsey’s London 10 Peaks Challenge – 24th October 2020

In January this year, the founder and owner of Run To Be Lindsey became seriously ill. For a few days, no-one knew what was wrong with her until she was transferred to the Royal Free hospital in London and was diagnosed with acute liver and kidney failure due to a virus attacking her organs. For her family and friends, it was a very tough time, not knowing if she will pull through, what effect it could have on her life.

Lindsey spent time in ICU being cared for by the team at the Royal Free, they showed her that with her own strength, determination, their care and help she could get better and one day run again. Recuperating at home for several weeks, helped.

As we all know Lindsey loves to run with her besties Sue and Sian and they have helped her get back to her best of reaching goals she never thought would be possible at the start of the year. It was a slow process and there were highs and lows along the way, but Lindsey is a fighter and is back fighting fit!

Now we all know that these three ladies are runners not trekkers but they want to say thank you to the team at the Royal Free for giving Lindsey the care she needed. They will be trekking through London for the 10 Peaks Challenge on Saturday 24th October. 42km of Marathon walking through certain peaks in London all in one day. The charity they are supporting offer support to patients every step of the way to make their experience the best it can be. We all know every patient is different and this charity provides volunteers, additional equipment, improved environments and patient-based research.

Every penny you donate will be given straight to the charity as they have all self-funded this challenge.

Thank you for supporting us!

Lindsey, Sue and Sian


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