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Malayalam Movie Amar Akbar Anthony Download 13




It is a remake of the 2010 Bengali film Thikana. The film features Siddique, Mamta Mohandas and Sanju Sivram in the lead roles, while Abhirami, Ramya Nambeesan and Baburaj play supporting roles. Akbar receives positive reviews from critics upon release. Plot Akbar (Siddique), an educated man living with his widowed mother in Kollam, tells his mother about an upcoming marriage with his friend's daughter; Mumtaz (Mamta Mohandas). Akbar's mother gets insulted and insists that he leave the house. Akbar decides to get married to someone else. The next day, Akbar leaves with a suitcase. Meera (Abhirami), a young student, and her friend Kaaya (Sanju Sivram) are watching a television program titled 'Nostradamus' when Meera's phone rings. Akbar and Meera exchange many messages. Meera is excited to have found her soulmate and asks Kaaya to give her phone number to Akbar. The next day, Kaaya calls Meera and asks her if she has written down the numbers to her and Akbar. Meera says yes, and Kaaya hangs up. Akbar, along with a bicycle, knocks at the door of Meera's house. Meera opens the door and is surprised to see Akbar. She asks him if he is in love with her and he says yes. Meera is overjoyed. She asks him to come in and introduces herself to him. Meera's mother (Rohini) comes out of the kitchen and also greets Akbar, telling him to stay for lunch and that she will serve him. Akbar is confused and asks who her mother is. Meera explains to him that it is her late father's mother. Meera's father (Vijayakumar) was Akbar's neighbor and Akbar and Meera's father used to play cricket together. Meera's mother and Akbar exchange pleasantries. Akbar and Meera go to Akbar's house to eat. Akbar goes to Meera's house to call her mom to bring some food. In Akbar's house, Akbar and Meera watch TV and eat at the same time. They do not stop talking to each other throughout the day. Meera's mother is getting worried because Akbar hasn't called her. She calls Me




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Malayalam Movie Amar Akbar Anthony Download 13

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