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It was December 2016 and all was not well. I was unfit, unmotivated, overweight and generally just felt bleugh...

After yet another evening spent glued to the sofa (industrial sized chocolate bar in hand) I decided I had to "do something" so, the next morning, I did something, I ran. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, this is clear to me now, as I tried to run up Chingford Lane! To say I nearly expired wouldn't be far from the truth!

Fast forward four months; I was running regularly, the weight was coming off and I was feeling more confident. However, I was longing for company and guidance.  Then I found out about a local running group...Run to be!

In April 2017 I put my big girl pants...

In 2014, I was very overweight and seeing my doctor regularly for menopause symptoms. At one consultation, she casually mentioned that it wouldn't do me any harm to lose some weight.

That was the push I needed and I started to eat healthily, with lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat and  pulses. By the end of the year, I was close to my target weight, but I knew that if I didn't exercise as well then I was likely to put the weight back on.

On 28 December 2014, after the usual excesses of Christmas, I went for a walk... for over two hours. Two days later I walked for two and a half hours and on 2 January 2015, I walked for three hours.

Once I was back at work, I carried on doin...

I used to run a lot in my teens, but lost the habit after I left school.

A couple of years ago my wife, Clair, signed up for a couple of Run to be courses. I subsequently joined her for the 0-5k Improvers Running Course and I learned more about running in those few weeks than I had in all the years I’d run at school!

I also found a very welcoming and inclusive group of people.

Since then, I have participated in more Run to be courses and become a mentor, mostly on the Woodford 0-5k course.

I really enjoy meeting new people and helping them on their running journey. The Run to be ethos strongly appeals to me - inclusive, supportive and sociable. It’s great to be part of this running community!

My running journey started in January 2016.

Having never run in my life I decided I needed a new challenge and joined the Run to be 0-5k course. I loved the fact that it was completely inclusive of all participants.

After the course finished, I carried on my running journey and just couldn’t believe I could call myself a runner.

I have gone on to do many 5k and 10k races and in 2018 ran my first half marathon.

I absolutely love being a mentor for Run to be. To see participants actually believe they can ‘run’ makes it all worthwhile. Come and take that first step - honestly you won’t regret it.

I joined a Run to be 0-5k course in January 2018 and fell in love with running thanks to the wonderful coaching of Beverley.

I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back and love being part of the RTB family.

I did my first half marathon in October 2018 with lots of encouragement from my fellow runners.

Running the Winter run in a unicorn onesie was a first too!

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