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"I am not a runner. I just like to run..."


Lindsey Tuley, May 2014

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Run To Be was born in my mind in May 2014 and after six months of thinking, creating, dreaming, imagining, the Facebook page received its first like. In fact more than 200 people liked the page in the first week and I started to believe that maybe I really was on to something. 


I went for my first run in February 2012 and despite running pretty much every week since, and completing several half marathons, I still struggle to call myself a runner!


For me running is a release; it is time to be me and to feel that I really can be something. I felt that I was sitting on the settee while life passed me by but  when I run those feelings are gone and I can be whoever I want to be. It really is that simple!


I'm not your traditional runner... I'm always fighting my weight and also the inherent lazy gene that at any given moment might take me over and drag me back to a life of sitting on the couch! I'm like so many other people out there and that's what makes our community such an amazing place.


I wanted to create a place where people could get real support from each other; people like them who maybe have never run before, or have lapsed, or simply need support to just carry on.


I wanted to create a place for everybody and anybody, so no matter what size, age, gender or personality you are, we welcome you to come and share your running experiences. 


Let's remove the barriers that so many of us face in having the courage to get out there and run! 


Thanks for all your support so far and who knows maybe one day we'll have a run together...


Lindsey Tuley

Founder, Run To Be

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