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terms and conditions

Your booking on a running course or virtual running challenge is confirmed once full payment has been received. This is non-refundable.

Runners are responsible for their personal safety and should always consult a medical professional regarding any illness or injury.

Running Courses

Attendance at each session is the responsibility of the participant and any absence may affect the ability of the participant to complete the course.

Sessions start promptly so that all runners get the full benefit of the programme.

Virtual Running Challenges

The registration for the 3-month challenges opens on the 1st of each new season.


If you feel that the distance you have chosen is not suitable for you, you can upgrade or downgrade your distance. If you want to swap your distance, you need to give the RTB team one month's notice before the end of the challenge. After this date, you will have to stay within your original booking distance. 

You will need to have an average pace of 12 minutes or less per km.

Challenges are non-transferable between runners.

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