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Congratulations to our new 5k Runners

Wow! What a start to Autumn the RTB team had.

In September we started 5 new 0-5k courses and had over 60 runners join us at different venues and days.

Over 6 weeks the RTB team coached and mentored our new runners and helped them to reach their goal of running 5km. All of our team have been standing in a car park not knowing what to expect so they are the perfect people to make our new runners feel at ease. Every new runner turns up on the first week not knowing someone but by the end of week 6, they are leaving having made a new running friend, who they can buddy up with to do their homework runs and carry on their running journey.

Congratulations to all our new runners. we are so happy you have joined the RTB running community.

As we go into the winter months it is even harder to feel like running, but with a running partner, you can plan your runs and support and encourage each other. Why not sign up for the new RTB Winter VC where you run a chosen distance over 3 months to keep you motivated?

The RTB team are always on hand to offer virtual support over on our Facebook discussion group.

Here's to the next challenge and set of new 0-5k courses starting in January 2023!


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