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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

What a beautiful summer we've had in the UK, the weather has been glorious and lots of our runners have taken advantage of an early morning or late evening run.

Over the 3 months of summer, our runners have enjoyed being motivated and spurred on by getting a chance to earn one of our bespoke summer virtual challenge medals. The medal captures everything we love about summer, the beach, blue sky and sunshine, sadly there was no room for a Pina Colada cocktail.

But we know it won't disappoint our runners, some have pushed themselves to bag a 675k medal a big well done to you all.

As we head into Autumn where our days will be shorter and we might lose our motivation to go out for a run. Then the Autumn VC is the perfect challenge to sign up for. Like the summer medal then the autumn medal is everything we love including pumpkins, leaves and a set in orange which we think is the colour of autumn.

Our team work hard to design the perfect medals for our runners and we hope you love them as much as we do.


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